How to Love Yourself and get Confidence

Love Yourself

Improve Self-Love & Confidence through Affirmations and Crystals

We all need a little pat on the back to achieve our tasks or simply to get through the problems we face in life. While getting some emotional support from your friends and family is helpful, it’s not always convenient to ask for help from an outside source. So, sometimes we need to find ways to harness self-love and confidence ourselves. You can do so by sending positive self-affirmations or keeping healing crystals near you. Keep on reading to find out more.

How Can Self-Affirmations Help You?

Self-affirmations can help your mind get constant reassurance at a continuous rate that help you in getting your goals. What you get is a mind that harnesses positivity, radiates a healthy mindset, and looks for positive outcomes, therefore attracting opportunities that are in line with your goals.

You can send self-affirmations to yourself in a multiple of ways. For example, writing notes to yourself, reading the quotes written at places where you happen to spend some time viewing the place, such as a mirror, or listening to audio notes. Whatever might be the case, you need to make sure that you believe these affirmations as they are and don't let negative energies come in their way.

Most likely, you will feel a strong urge to dismiss any positivity coming your way as you practice this regime as it would take some time for the brain to get reprogrammed or “rewired” as you learn and relearn new things. However, as you continue practicing, you will note that these feelings finally take a back seat, and you are a driver of your own car of life. You can think positively about yourself without feeling any negative anymore.

How Can Crystals Help You with Self Affirmation?

Crystals contain a lot of room to cancel out the negative energies coming from the universe. Each crystal with its unique property would work well to provide its benefits to its user. Though all crystals generally radiate self-love, each crystal exhibits its way of exhibiting and maintaining this quality. This is why crystals can help you a lot in restoring drained self-love and confidence. The idea is to use them to optimize your healing process as you use them to attract positivity, radiate self-esteem, and bring an overall enlightenment.

Let’s see some of the most popular examples of such crystals used by users all over the world who believe well in their power:

  • Amethyst is a crystal used well for bringing spiritual enlightenment which helps you resolve internal conflicts and gives you a better sense of peace needed to bring a positive change in your life.
  • Citrine is great for people who use crystals as beginners. The rich yellow color is there to attract and sustain happiness.
  • Rose Quartz with its beautiful shades and patterns is known for attracting unconditional love.

Crystals are of many types and can be used in the simplest of ways – for example; you can carry them around in your bag and let them do their work for you. If you keep in sync and believe in the power they hold for you, you will note more positive results. These stones help you in manifesting the true powers of nature by shielding you from the negative energies and bringing in positive energies. Other experiences you will note will be feelings of happiness, prosperity, and luck.

How Do These Work?

Self-affirmations and crystals have been used by humans for ages to heal the body at the vibrational level – in a way that the positive energies cancel out the negative energies. This is a phenomenon well-explained in the world of metaphysics, according to which all of what exists in the world is driven and created through energy. Energy plays a role in not only the material world, but it has a lot to decide the role of our destiny.

This destiny, commonly called the “fortune” or “fate” in our world, is a lot influenced through the Law of Attraction – if we learn to manifest our self-love and confidence according to these notes – we can see many positive things in the universe coming into our way.

As you reprogram your mind and relearn ways to bring more positivity in your life, you will note the habitual acts would start getting in line with your goals. The “like attracts like” theory starts manifesting in your life in a practical way and you would start seeing positive results.

My Experience

I’ve started seeing the results of self-affirmation and crystals in my life as well. To cite, I write self-affirmation quotes on my bedroom and bathroom mirrors, so whenever I am on the go, I get to see these positive quotes and feel an instant boost in my self-esteem. This is pretty helpful for bad days when it's hard to look straight into the mirror and face yourself without feeling embarrassed about your past mistakes. When I keep reading such positive affirmations like "I love myself," the positive messages bring positive energy to my mind subconsciously, whether I may or may not know it, and it brings a huge difference.

I have also been wearing two crystal bracelets - Obsidian and Tiger Eye. These help me to regain my strength and confidence by shielding me from negative energy. Now, I don't say wearing crystals keeps all the negative vibes away, but I have seen a difference in my ability to deal with such negativity – I see myself better able to turn such energy into positive energy without it affecting my self-esteem.

Final Word

I would say, taking care of the energy your body manifests is essential to determine your probability of success in everything – health, love, success, fame, money, and whatnot. To make sure you live up to the highest frequency energy, you need to find ways through which you can actually cancel out the negative energies coming in your way and harness the unbeatable produce of positive energy. Self-affirmations and crystals can be some of those tools that assist you in getting there.


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14 Feb 2021


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