How to stay safe & return to school happily?

Back to school

Staying safe amidst the pandemic is the upmost important, and we would like to share some practical tips with you on how we can encourage our child to adapt to the new normal in school. 


1) Remind them to wash their hands with soap and water regularly. 

2) Maintain a safe distancing of 1m whenever possible. 

3) Avoid physical contacts like shaking of hands and hugging. 

4) Wear a well fitted mask with Bacteria Filtration Efficacy (BFE) <95%. The higher the BFE, the more effective the mask is in preventing bacteria containing droplets from reaching the wearer. It not only protect the wearer, but also protect others around him. Check out our masks with BFE>95%. 

Surgical Mask vs. Non-surgical mask -> debunking the myth 

5) Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth and mask. This takes time to build as old habit die hard. If your child has a habit of touching his face, then constant reminder will be necessary. 

6) Do not share belongings, food and drinks with classmates. 

Remember, staying mentally and physically healthy is very important too. As everyone is trying to cope with the ever changing pandemic, your child may feels stressed or scared going back to school. Thus, besides academic studies, parents should spend more time talking to their children about how they feel in school, and encourage them to stay positive and be kind to other children.

Crystal for kids

Crystal can also be a new age way to help your child cope as well. For example, amethyst stone is said to promote mental clarity, improve memory, focus and decision making, as well as relieved stress and boost immunity.

Whereas fluorite stone is said to helps in concentration and is good for children with learning difficulties. Crystals not only neutralized negative energy and stress, it can be a great learning companion too! For full range of crystals and their benefits, click here

How to stay safe & return to school?
Remember to stay mentally & physically healthy

Meanwhile, please stay safe and do the necessary. Lastly, remember to love yourself and those around you a little more today. 

U Got to Love Yourself. 

25 June 2021

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