Little Action, Big Impact

Eco Action Day

Little action adds up, and we are so proud to be part of Singapore's Eco Action Day 2021 campaign. With our pledge to be a greener company, the organizer is able to offset 1kg of plastics from our ocean! 

You may think - just 1kg? But if every companies in Singapore does their part, we will have 546,685kg* of plastics removed from our ocean! That's a lot!

Never underestimate your role in protecting the environment, and in our race against climate change.

Just one less single-used plastic a day will result in 365 less plastics a year. If everyone in Singapore does that, it will be 5.9million* x 365 plastics, which adds up to a whopping 2.2 billion less plastics a year!

You can play your part, and you can start now.


U Got to Love Yourself

5 Aug 2021

*Based on the total live companies registered in Singapore as on June 2021.

* Total population in Singapore (Live).

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