Surgical vs. Non-surgical mask - debunking the myth

Surgical Mask vs. Non Surgical Mask

Surgical Mask vs. Non Surgical Mask, what is what?

We have received so many enquiries from our customers with regards to surgical mask ever since the multi-ministry task force against Covid-19 in Singapore announced that public should use masks with Bacteria Filtration Efficiency BFE >95% to better protect themselves from contacting the infected droplets.

So, what exactly is surgical mask? Is it only surgical mask that have BFE>95%? What exactly is surgical mask for, and why you don't need them? We dive right into it and did some research, and we would like to share it with you!

The Myth

Medical mask (also know as surgical mask), is worn by healthcare workers and patient in healthcare settings like hospital or during a medical procedure. The use of such mask is to prevent respiratory droplets and splashes from reaching the wearer. 

Non-medical mask (also know as non-surgical mask/ face mask/ cloth mask/ reusable mask), are face cover that is not intended for use in healthcare settings, but they can provide the Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) requirement of >95% - and that is what matters, because the use of medical (surgical) mask should be given priority to healthcare worker over the community. 

Thus, the myth that only surgical mask can provide high bacteria filtration rate, is NOT the case. Many face mask and reusable mask also serve that purpose. Check out the certified BFE >95% face mask we have here

Key difference:

Infographic credits to European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control

Lastly, let's take a look at the video from World health organization (WHO), for a better understanding on who wears what and when?



Hope you have learnt something just as we do! Remember to love yourself and others a little more today. 

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25 June 2021

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