Naturali Clean - Silicone Brush

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Naturali Clean - Cleans Naturally

The new method to wash your dishes.

The flexible and squishy material made it easy to reach any corners of your glass and cups. Moreover it is germs free, and can be sterilized easily in boiled water or microwave. Silicon scrubber replaces the traditional nasty sponge and rags.


  • Food Grade Silicone Bacterial & Germs FREE
  • Scratch Proof
  • NO Microplastics
  • NO smell
  • Reusable and Long Lasting
  • Quick Dry Can Be Sterilized In Boiled Water, Microwave and dish washer safe.
  • Flexible, Strong & Durable High Heat Resistance

Multi Purpose:

  • Hold Hot Pots / Lids
  • Can Be Use To Scrub Vegetables / Fruits