Motorcycle chain lube spray

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Motorcycle chain lube spray - Kobi M-301

  • For all types of chains
  • 100% Synthetic to work well with X-ring and O-ring chains, but also conventional chains
  • High performance anti fling formula to prevent dripping and adheres perfectly to the chain
  • Synthetic base improves heat resistance (up to 200%) compared to regular chain lube / wax
  • Nano-Silicon Technology for maximum wear protection
  • Wax with 100% waterproof properties providing long lasting protection
  • PTFE (Teflon) additives for reduced friction for smoother power delivery
  • Corrosion inhibitor provides maximum protection against rust
  • PH-Neutral - Non-corrosive, 100% safe for metal parts
  • Oil free - Dust proof, dirt proof for cleaner applications

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