Pyrite Smiley Ball Geode 1101g (01)

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The Energy of Pyrite

Pyrite has a number of energetic virtues: 

  • Pyrite radiates optimistic and cheerful energy that is solid and grounding.
  • It is very protective and can shield you from negative energies. 
  • Pyrite will give you the optimism, the clarity, and the physical stamina necessary to pursue any of your business of academic endeavors. 

Pyrite in Feng Shui Practice

Pyrite is one of the best Feng shui stones for attracting the energy of wealth and abundance. Pyrite can be used as a cluster, sphere, or cube, or can be used in combination with a variety of other popular Feng shui cures for wealth.

Pyrite is also an excellent choice for your wealth vase, as well as a good décor piece for your living room or office. You can also use pyrite in any areas of your home that need the energizing and uplifting solar energy that this stone freely shares.

If you are using pyrite as a Feng shui money cure, the best place to have your pyrite is in the wealth and money bagua area of your home (southeast) or the office. You can also place pyrite in your own lucky direction for money.
When used as an energizing or protective cure, place your pyrite close to the front door, in the living room or office, or anywhere that will benefit from its unique combination of energies.