Baby 3-ply disposable mask BFE>95%

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Baby Disposable 3-ply Face Mask - Beaver Design
Manufactured in China
PM 2.5 filter
Anti-Dust & pollen

Our 3D baby mask fits 0-4 years old, however, it is NOT recommended by WHO, for baby under the age of 2 to wear a mask as they may have risk of suffocation, due to the inability to remove the mask themselves, and adult supervisor is strictly required when mask wearing is necessary for baby under the age of 2.

Provide face contour to limit unfiltered air
Highly breathable 4D structure to reduce stuffiness.
Adjustable bridge that can be manipulated to get a secure fit over the bridge of your nose and effectively blocking up to 99.9% airborne particles. Fit closely to the bridge of the nose, thus, no fogging on glasses.
Cottony 5mm elastic ear straps to provide comfortable fit for long use.

Colors: Available in Green, Yellow & Pink
Size: 9.5cm x 9cm

1) Outer layer PM2.5 – Water resistant Non-woven fabric to filter large particles
2) Electrostatic Melt brown fabric – Filtrate 99% of small dust, haze and bacteria
3) High efficiency non-woven fabric to prevent smaller non-oily particles
4) PP skin friendly, non-woven soft absorbent fabric to provide comfort to the skin